2010-2014 Raptor Build Plate

$ 30.00

To find out your build number, call 1-800-FORDSVT and provide them with the last 6 digits of your VIN number. 

Many specialty vehicles out there come with a build number plaque that shows the production number and VIN. The SVT Raptor is an exception so I started offering this product! 

Quality : Each one of my build plates is made out of high strength signage material that is rotary cut with a diamond engraver to 45 degrees along the edges to prevent the plate from being pulled up easily. Once they are cut, I remove the burrs along the edge with varying grits of sand paper starting at 400 and finishing off with a 3000 grit to assure the edges are smooth and even. Next, the plate is loaded into the machine and positioned with digital calipers to assure the lettering is level on the plate. 

Painting : All of the paint that I use is automotive grade enamel to assure a long lasting, great looking finish. When ordering a 3D plate, I offer a clear acrylic enamel or a Matte Clear Enamel that is wet sanded with grits from 800 all the way up to 3000 to assure a smooth finish. Once sanded, the plate is polished to perfection with 3 different compounds and an orbital buffer. After the polishing, I finish it off with a coat of carnauba wax that is also applied with the orbital buffer. All of this combined leaves a durable, high gloss finish or a matte clear finish depending on your choice of options. Instructions are included to help you take care of the finish. 

Ordering : Before ordering, call 1-800-FORDSVT and provide them with the last 6 digits of your VIN. Once you have your build number, you can fill out the order information. The lead time depends solely on the options that you choose. 

*Custom Fonts* - When ordering, you have the option of ordering a custom font. You can select one off of www.Dafont.com. Make sure when selecting your font that the creator allows the font to be used on products and sold. Either email me the name of the font and location or download the .TTF (true type font) and attach it to an email. Once you attach it, send it to my email address which is raptorcustomembroidery@gmail.com

*Painting the background on 3D build plates* - I recommend leaving the background unpainted on the 3D style of build plates. This will make the finish of the plate much more smooth. In order to paint the background, I have to laser way down into the plate (8 passes) to allow the paint enough depth to stick and dry flat. This causes the plate to take on a bumpy texture. 

Production times(these depend on the amount of orders that I have): 

No Paint - Same day up to 3 Days

1 Stage of paint - 2-4 Days

2 Stages of paint - 3-5 Days

How does it stick? : These plates are included with high quality industrial grade double sided tape that assures a great bond on your truck that will last for the life of the truck. I will include an alcohol wipe to prep the surface with each purchase.