2010-2014 Ford Raptor Leather Console Cover

$ 75.00

*NOTE: When sending a console to me for installation of leather, you must remove the console from the truck with the hinge still attached. This is an essential part of the install that holds the leather in place while the upholstery glue dries fully. My warranty of 2 years will not be honored if you do not include the hinge in the box. Also, when you send your Console to me, include a return shipping label in the box and choose the option for, "I am sending in my items for embroidery," so you do not pay for shipping through my website. If you can not get a return label from the service you provide, choose USPS Priority at checkout to have me return it. I will use the box you provided unless it is larger than necessary. If it is, I will use the boxes I have on hand and their dimensions are 19 x 12 x 5. *


My leather console covers are a very good looking, comfortable add-on for your Raptor. They come standard with 1/2" padding whether you order just the leather, send in your lid for the install, or have me order you a new lid and install leather on it. 

If you want me to do the install and you are not getting a new lid, follow the instructions below!

All you have to do is remove the console from your truck and ship it to me here at my shop.

Southern All Sports

216 South Broad st.

Scottsboro, Alabama 35768

Above, you will see a drop down box for the color of the edge stitching. This is for the stitching on the leather along the edge, not the logo. The red I have matches the special edition,  blue matches blue accent interior and so on...

When shipping your lid or other items to me, please make a return shipping label and put it in the box. Otherwise, I will create a USPS label and ship it back to the address on file and bill your preferred method of payment.

Any shipping service works but we do prefer USPS as it is the best way simply because it is much cheaper and the post office is 1 block away allowing me to drop off orders quickly. 


Thanks for looking!