2017-2018 Ford Raptor Center Console

$ 90.00

Note: I recommend disassembling your center console cover before sending it in and removing the hinge. The hinge in this lid will add about 6 inches to the shipping box as well as a few pounds of weight. To remove the hinge, begin by removing the bottom cover. It snaps in place. Start from the back of the console and work your way forward. Simply pull straight up on the plastic bottom cover. Once you get to the front, push the latch button to move the tabs out of the way and the cover will come off. The hinge comes out by removing 8 T-20 torx screws. You can leave the latch in place or remove it. You also do not have to send the bottom plastic cover. 

Fix up the center console in your raptor with one of my custom leather console covers! The 2017 Raptor has either a rubber center console, or one already covered in leather. I can work on either one. I can do either the 2 color leather cover, or just a solid black one. Both pieces will come with 5 separate panels of leather with either all black leather, or black with gray accent panels to match the seats.

Ford changed up the raptor logo for 2017 so I went ahead and got it digitized up and ready to go. For the Raptor logo, I can add claw marks to it, or keep it simple to match the seats even better. The SVT will be excluded from this logo as the 2017 Raptor is not made by SVT, but I plan on adding the Ford Performance logo eventually. 

Please note that on these console covers, I will only be able to add a small amount of foam to them due to the way that the console is designed.