Here at Raptor Embroidery, I don't just do vehicle interiors. Check out my services below.


-Laser Engraving-

Here at the shop, our Trotec Laser Engraver allows us to make name plates for desks, car tags, special vehicle build plates (vin, build number, etc.), gun barrels, plaques, plates, acrylic, wood and much more. Just contact me by Email or Cell and we can set something up. This means that you can order car show plaques, team sports trophies, employee of the year plaques and much more. 

-Diamond Engraving-

With our diamond engraver, we can do almost any type of metal item. This includes silverware, bracelets, tops of rings, backs of watches, pendants, silver trays, bowls, metal picture frames, steel, brass, aluminum, copper, silver, gold or pewter items with a smooth to semi-smooth surface texture. We can also do cylindrical items (around the outside of Cups, mugs, bowls and more, made of the above mentioned metals.)

Please note: some items may not be engraved and we can not ensure the engravability of the items you send to us. This means items that are plated may have been done improperly meaning that the plating will simply flake off when the diamond head begins the engraving process.

-Embroidery & Monogramming- 

Our Amaya XTS embroidery machines allow us to do a wide variety of embroidery and monogramming. This includes hats, shirts, jackets, pull overs, purses, bags and much more. Items that we can not embroider include thickly padded items, leather jackets with very thick seams, open weave scarves and sweaters, large mesh clothing, thick canvas and a few others. Just simply tell me what item you have and I will do some checking and make sure I can embroider it. 

If you have ever seen the embroidered 3 initial monograms and liked what you saw, look no further. We have a wide variety of fonts, colors and many size options. We can embroider these onto just about anything even the tops of women's boots depending on thickness. 

-Heat Press-

We do take large orders of jerseys and uniforms for football, baseball, basketball, and soccer as well as any other sports you would like to order for. We can press numbers, names and order prints for you to be press on the front. If you want to have t-shirts made for a truck show, to sell and advertise your business or give away, let us know, we can make them. Heat pressing is very cost-efficient and long lasting. We make uniforms for local football, baseball, basketball and soccer teams. Don't order from one of the big guys out there. We can have your order ready in 1-2 weeks and it will be correct every single time. Not a day has went by that we have had a customer come in wanting their uniform corrected because one of the big company uniform makers mis-spelled a name, got the lettering or numbers crooked or got the wrong size. We triple check absolutely everything before you pick the order up or we ship it.


For in-person ordering or shipping items to have work performed on them, please ship to/visit


Southern All Sports
216 South Broad St.
Scottsboro, Alabama 35768