2010-2014 Ford Raptor Leather Gauge Cluster Cover

$ 70.00

Why not upgrade your gauge cluster cover with leather with or without embroidery? The Luxury versions of the F-150 come with it, why not put it in yours? I can put any logo into it and I can also install it here at the shop. If you want a new one, please select the option to add a new Gauge Cluster Cover to your order. I do not keep the leather in stock for these since I do not make as many. Leather will arrive at my shop in 3-5 days. Turn around time on one of these is about 3 days once I have all the products in my hands. Select your stitch color, logo color and have me either ship you the leather to wrap it or send the cover in for me to install. I also sell new gauge cluster covers for you to order and have me wrap in leather and then ship to you.Instructions on removing the cover are on the "instructions" page of my website.