Order Delays August 26 2015

Hey guys!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my customers that were cooperative during my week vacation. Orders are being completed now and getting ready to be shipped out. I apologize for any inconveniences the order delay may have caused you and hope that you choose to shop with me again.

I ended up taking my Raptor up to Michigan. While there, I visited the Henry Ford Museum and went on the Ford Rouge Factory tour. If you ever get the chance, you must go, it was an exhilarating experience. Once done at the museum and plant I attended Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Once you enter, it feels like you've driven into another world. Having that much fun shouldn't be legal but many people that have been there are happy it is. Michigan is a fantastic state.

I have been staying on Ford's case to try and get them to release the build numbers for the 2014 Raptors. As a few of you 2014 Raptor owners may have seen, I haven't added "2014" to the year model list for the build plates. I currently have a group buy open for the 2014 m/y Raptor Build Plates over on Fordraptorforum.com. Simply go to Forums>Raptor Custom Embroidery>2014 Raptor Build plate group buy. I have well over 50 orders. I ask that anyone on the list that is tired of waiting for Ford to release them to call SVT and ask them when they will be releasing the numbers.

Thank you everyone and have a wonderful day.